48 Hours in San Juan…Continued

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Jul 19, 2017

48 hours is not enough to spend in the fantastic city of San Juan, let alone to explore anything else. I hope to come back later to check out Vieques/Culebra, explore El Yunque, and travel around the rest of the island.

On our second day, we took at Uber to the very tip of Old San Juan to the San Felipe del Morro Fortress.

48 Hours in San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Jul 17, 2017

Have I said it’s been a busy summer? It’s been busy!

A few weekends ago we escaped for a long weekend in Puerto Rico and it was not nearly enough time!

We flew in on a Thursday afternoon and took a cab to Condado, San Juan. After checking in at the hotel, we walk around and realized that this was the town for us!

Travel I’m Excited About

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Jan 9, 2017

Each year the New York Times lists their top getaways for the year. As I anxiously scroll through each dreamy destination, I think about where I’m excited to go.

My list isn’t as far-flung, but there are a few places I’m particularly excited about.

Nicaragua Eco-Tourism

How far are you willing to travel to get away?

I’ve done the 15+ hour non-stop Asia flights and I’ve spent more time on a Greyhound bus than I think any human should have to endure. But what does the end point at the end of the trip have to look like to make it worthwhile?

For our honeymoon, the hubby and I made the trip to Nicaragua to an eco-lodge in the middle of lake Nicaragua. The trip took two flights, a shuttle, and a boat ride but the payoff was well worth the wait.

I keep seeing fantastical eco-lodges and resorts pop-up within Nicaragua, but each seems to be harder to get to than the last one!  One mentioned a 2.5 hour ride from the airport after landing for a nominal fee of an extra $150 per person each way. Yet the end destination seems 100% worth it.

What do you think, what’s your travel limit and what would entice you to travel that distance?

Jicaro Island Lodge


Caribbean Uber-Lux Hotels

If you’ve ever been on Pinterest scrolling through dream vacations you’ve seen pictures of the Maldives. Crystal clear blue waters, tropical location, and (most importantly) individual huts spread out over the ocean where you can dive directly from your bedroom into the water below. You know what I’m talking about?

I’ve had this on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. The only issue is the money, the flight, and the time it takes to get there.

I was pleasantly surprised when I read an article about over-the-water bungalows being built in the Caribbean. A short flight, tropical destination, and less intensive than traveling half-way across the world. The only downside is that everyone else seems to be as excited about it as I am. The rental prices for the bungalows is more than I plan to spend on travel collectively over the next 5 years. But I’m hopeful the prices may go down as the newness wears off.

Sandals over the water bungalows. Image from Sandals.com.

Short Get Aways 

With the availability of budget flights on the rise, I’m increasingly looking for quick hops to cities I haven’t visited before. On my list: New Orleans, Savannah, Key West, and Annapolis and to re-visit some cities I’ve already seen like New York and Chicago.

So, until I can afford it, I’ll bide my time scrolling through Pinterest boards.

Let’s Hear it for 2017!

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Jan 2, 2017

There’s something about setting goals that just feels good. You get them out on paper and you can’t forgot them, you can reference back, and cross them off once they’re accomplished.

I start off every single year with goals.


  • Feel caught up on the house instead of constantly in a state of reactionary panic 
    • 2016 was the year of getting our feet under ourselves in terms of home ownership. My hope in 2017 is that less trees fall down, less surprises rear their ugly heads, and that we’ve learned what updates and maintenance need to be done to keep the house the way we want
  • Visit friends
    • This year, our friends were kind enough to take the time to visit us, next year, it’s our job to return the favor
  • Plan a dream vacation–even if we can’t take it this year
    • In 2015 we went to Thailand and Cambodia, in 2016 we went to Greece, in 2017 I think our big adventure will be updating the kitchen but that doesn’t mean I won’t dream about exotic vacations
  • Update the kitchen!!!
    • This. Everything about this. When we moved in, our priorities were to replace the roof and to update the kitchen. We replaced the roof, but life got in the way of the kitchen update but it’s definitely on our 2017 to-do list
  • Take little trips: Annapolis, NYC, New Orleans, Shenandoah 
    • If we can’t take big trips, then I want to plan some smaller dog-friendly weekend trips with friends
  • Paint the house
    • 2017 will be the year the ivy dies, literally. We took down the plants last year but the house is covered in ivy tendrils. It’s going to be a lot of hard work to get the house ready to paint, but I hope to get a fresh coat of white paint on in the spring


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