A Shoe Spectacle

Sometimes our house feels unfortunately small…but it isn’t! We more than doubled the amount of space we had in our apartment. However, what we gained in square footage, we lost in closet space.

For me, this meant no place for my shoes. Fortunately, we had an opportunity to utilize an awkward space in our bedroom for more storage.

We took to DIY to create some open, built-in looking shelving specifically for shoes.

We picked up some basic pine wood from Home Depot and got to work.

After the shelves were on, we had to take everything back off again to stain it. I didn’t want the light pine look because most of the wood in our house is a cherry color.

You can see the fishing wire connecting the wood to the wall. After we’d put everything up, we were worried about the weight of the shoes and wanted to add extra support.

The 40-pound fishing line on the front and back of each shelf is an added backup!


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